Ages 7+

Dress Code: Comfortable, tight fitting dance attire is required. No baggy shorts or shirts. Hair must be up and away from the face. 


An exploration in to the world of Modern and Contemporary dance. Dancers learn the importance of head/tail connection, fall/recover, body awareness and basic improvisational technique. Dancers will also learn the foundation and history of Modern and Contemporary dance as their dance vocabulary expands with this unique style of dance. Barefeet Required.


Dancers continue to refine their movement exploration and grow in new and unique ways to move the body. A stronger ability to improvise is established and dancers begin to learn choreographic patterns and strategies. Barefeet Required. Instructor placement only.


This class is for students to learn this unique style of dance. Class not only focuses on technique, but also teacher-led choreography, self-choreography, and improvisation. This class is for self-driven students who want to broaden their dance repertoire. 

​At least 2 years of jazz and/or ballet is required and teacher placement is required for participation.