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Abby Stewart

Artistic Director
Essence & Expression Team Instructor

Abby has been dancing since the age of three, and sharing her love of dance by teaching in the valley for over 20 years.  She received Ballet training under Mary Moe Adams, and at Ballet Arizona.  Additionally she trained in Tap, Lyrical, Spanish/Flamenco, Modern, Hula, Swing, Gymnastics, Voice and Twirling.  

Abby has a Bachelor of Music from Arizona State University, with an emphasis in Musical Theater.  Her performance credits include the Glen Campbell Show, Kids of Rock Theater, Superbowl XXX, Simply Sammy and numerous theater company productions.  She co-produced Celebration of dance for several years and has been a Company Director for several competitive and performance based companies here in Arizona.  She currently lives in Mesa with her husband and children.  She loves performing and enjoys sharing her passion!

Abby Stewart: Dance Company
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