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DeAnna Pearce

Stretch & Strength Instructor

Born and raised in Arizona, DeAnna started dancing early in life and then utilized those skills as she turned to synchronized swimming in her teenage years. Her favorite thing about synchronized swimming is utilizing strength and flexibility to highlight the creativity of dancing in the water. She competed all over the United States, working with world-renown coaches and placing among the top in the nation.

As she started coaching synchronized swimming, she completed a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in Psychology.  She has coached, choreographed, and worked with kids for over twenty years (including raising five children of her own), and coached swimmers on the national and international level.  She loves to assist athletes and performers in reaching their physical goals through strength and flexibility training, and more importantly, help them develop the habits of success that will last them a life time. 

DeAnna Pearce: TeamMember
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