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Aerial Arts

Ages 6+

Aerial arts refers to physical disciplines involving the use of apparatuses that hang down from a rig point. This creative, challenging, and gravity defying art form builds upper body and core strength, kinesthetic awareness, and coordination. Students will be exposed to multiple apparatuses including trapeze, aerial silks, lyra (aerial hoop), and hammock. Take your dance training to the next level! 

Aerial Arts 1 

This class is available for all levels, especially beginners and is designed to teach and safely build the foundations. Students will build upper body and core strength training through a parade of drills aimed to challenge a student's balance, core, grip and ability to hold their body weight off the ground. 

Aerial Arts 2

 In this class students will continue their conditioning and strength training while learning new skills, tricks, and poses on a variety of apparatuses. Teacher placement is required.

Aerial Arts 3

 Teacher placement required

Aerial Arts: Service
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