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Jenny Miller

Studio Director

Jenny Miller, an Arizona native from Gilbert grew up loving dance in every aspect. Starting her dance training and dance team experiences at DC2, she loved performing and competing. She went to Highland High where she was a part of the One Image Dance Team and discovered her love of choreography. After high school she moved to LA to pursue a career in acting and dancing where she auditioned for dancing and acting roles on a weekly basis, while dancing at the world renowned Edge Dance studio. It was a great experience that taught her a lot of amazing lessons and gave her some lasting memories that are not all for the faint of heart.

Speaking of hearts, her heart was always back home in Arizona, so at 20 she went back home and was a theater actress in various theater performances such as The Christmas Carol and Radio Daze. She taught dance through this time and developed valuable techniques on how to teach and choreograph certain age groups of children.
Her life experiences have been so valuable, with becoming a mother of three and working for a few different types of dance studios, she realized that she needed to do what she knew she could: something different. She created a dance studio that is an alternative to your typical “turn and burn them out” studios that provides great customer service, a positive, professional well-experienced staff and creating entertaining masterpieces all while having a blast developing life-long relationships with her amazing dance family.

Coming up with a theatrical recital concept that requires tons of imagination and a crew of amazing magician dance teachers to create, she is constantly complimented even by people that know nothing about dance. Many people comment how different and fun it is to watch Rhythm & Motion shows. The momentum is now light speed and she’s so thankful to say she has opened up her second location to facilitate the studio’s rapid growth. She has the belief that you don’t have to break the bank, compete every other weekend or break a child’s body to teach them how to love dancing and performing. One can only get great at something they love.

Open since 2008, Rhythm & Motion’s mission is to foster love and creativity, hard work and team building, and of course, create amazing experiences that our students cherish forever. Jenny is so thankful that she is just one of the gears of this fine tuned imagination machine that we call RMDC.

Jenny Miller: Dance Company
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