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RMDC Company

RMDC offers performance and competitive teams for dancers who want more opportunities than recreational dance can offer.  We offer teams of various age groups and abilities so that all dancers have a place if they love to dance.

Placement on these teams is by audition only.


Our Twinkles team is for our youngest performers approx. ages 5 and younger.

​This team is a great way to “dip your toe” in our company water before diving into the competition world entirely.

Required classes: Twinkles, Combo or Level 2



A wonderful place to start, a performing and competing group at the beginning level. Approximate age is 5-8 years old.

Recommended 1 year experience in a combo or level 2 class prior to joining the team.

Class requirements: Sparx, Ballet, Tap or Jazz, Technique.

Recommended: Acro Tumble.



Our new beginning/intermediate competition team for dancers around the age range of 6-10. This team will be introduced to a more passionate schedule to refine their technique. 

Required classes: Stars, Technique, Ballet, Ballet Barre, Jazz

Recommended: Acro Tumble



It's show time!!! A performing and competing group at intermediate level, ages 8-10.

Recommended one year of previous dance team experience or unlimited curriculum of classes.

Class requirements- Imagine, Ballet, Ballet Barre, Jazz, Acro Tumble, Technique 



Our Musical Theater company!

A competing group at intermediate level, approx. ages 7+.

Required: 1 year of previous dance team experience or 2 years of Musical Theater.

Required Classes: Expression, Ballet, Jazz or Tap or Swing, Musical Theater, Voice, 1 "Develop Your Character-An Acting for Dancers Workshop" per season.



The next level! A competing group at intermediate/advanced level, approx. ages 10-13.
Required: 2+ years of dance team experience or 2+ years of Unlimited dance class curriculum.

Required Classes: Essence, Ballet, Ballet Barre, Technique, Jazz

Recommended: Acro Tumble


Poetry in Motion

Dance for life! A competing group at an advanced level, approx. ages 13 and up.  

Required: 5+ years of Technical Ballet, Jazz, and Tap Curriculum along with team experience.

Required Classes: Ballet, Ballet Barre Tech, Jazz.

Recommended: Acro Tumble


Tiny Elite

An advanced team for dancers approximately ages 7 and younger. These dancers demonstrate the desire to work hard and as a team.


Mini Elite

An advanced team for dancers approximately ages 6-9. To be considered for this team dancers will be expected to be able to do free standing leg extensions, pick up choreography quickly, have good pirouettes and tumbling experience.


Junior Elite

An advanced group of dancers approx. ages 9-12 with strong dance and tumbling technique with multiple years of training.

​Complex choreography  which is competed more often than the other teams.


Teen Elite

An advanced team for dancers approximately ages 12-14.


Senior Elite

Our highest level of technique and performance.

​An advanced group of dancers approx. ages 13+ with a desire and ability to match a more demanding competition schedule

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