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Ballet/Pointe: Headliner


Ages 7+

A beginning ballet class for ages 7-10. Students learn the basic foot positions of ballet as well as the basic terminology for pointing, turning, and leaping. They have the opportunity to perform in recitals after rehearsing choreography and learning the terms.

Dress Code: Leotard and ballet slippers and their hair needs to be in a pony tail or bun

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Ballet/Pointe: Classes


Teacher Placement Only

An intermediate ballet class for children ages 7-10. Students will advance in their technique and terminology as well as gain body awareness. Class is conducted at the barre, in the center, and across the floor. A basic understanding of the 5 ballet positions, basic jumps, and turns should be attained prior to beginning the class. There is an opportunity to dance at one of the two recitals each year. 

Dress Code: Leotard, tights, ballet skirt and ballet shoes are required. Hair should be tied back away from the face.

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Ballet/Pointe: Classes


Teacher Placement Only

By participating in the first levels of traditional ballet training, students learn concentration and endurance, and become proficient in fundamental dance movement and ballet technique. 

Dress Code: Leotard, tights, ballet skirt and ballet shoes are required. Hair should be tied back in a bun. 

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Ballet/Pointe: Classes

BALLET LEVEL 4/5 & Pointe

Teacher Placement Only

An advanced level ballet class for the serious dancer. Students will work to develop an extension of the legs and strength throughout the arms and feet. Advanced barre combinations with port de bras, advanced center work and across the floor along with Adagio will all be performed. Pre-pointe work begins as well.

​Dress Code: Tights, leotard, and hair in a tight bun are all required. Ballet skirt or tight fitting shorts are optional. 

This dance form is for more advanced ballet students. Classes for beginning pointe to advanced studies are taught. When starting pointe, it is recommended that the students are in the 6th grade or 12 years of age with several years of ballet experience and the consent of the instructor. Pointe dancers participate in our Ballet 4/5 class en pointe.

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Ballet/Pointe: Classes
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