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At Rhythm & Motion Dance Center, our recitals are one-of-a-kind! From planning to performing, your family will be a part of a journey that is entertaining, rewarding and so fun! The latest information for recital is emailed and always available here!

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Parent Volunteers Needed

As one could imagine, recitals cannot go on without the help of our volunteers. As we are still planning our "Plan A" for recital, we are looking for parents who are interested in volunteering both December 18th and 19th (You must be available for both days) to help behind the scenes and keep our dancers safe. We will be holding a mandatory Zoom meeting Wednesday, December 9th at 6pm for all volunteers (both veterened and new!) If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Google Form below:


Winter Recital Update

As of November 18, 2020

Hello RMDC Families!

Back in August, we emailed about our 3 plans we were exploring to ensure your dancer gets a chance to shine and perform, no matter the circumstance during a time like now. Due to the continued capacity restrictions of local venues, we are moving forward with our “Plan C” for our winter recital, Cinema Magic. 

While we are still working on the complete logistics, we know this will be a wonderful opportunity for our dancers to perform in a different way and will make this recital certainly one to remember! We did want to provide a basic outline of what you can expect and hopefully answer any initial questions you might have:

Plan C will consist of 5 mini shows spaced throughout the day of Saturday, December 19 on a residential private property in Gilbert. Tent, stage, lights, chairs.. etc will be rented to put on a high quality show.

TICKETS will be available for sale in a couple weeks at the Front Desk for the cost of $10. Your recital fee provides you with 2 tickets for the show of your choice. 

LIVESTREAM is also being explored at this time to afford out of town family and friends and/or those who wish to watch from home an alternative viewing ability. 

RECITAL PARTICIPATION FORM we will still be using our new digital check-in system with our Plan C recital. If you have not filled the form out, please do so before November 21st. Here is the link-https://forms.gle/GGAK443JZ4sLUbvRA

RECITAL PACKETS will be available after November 23 and will contain your 2 recital fee tickets.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS will still be needed for this day of mini shows to go on! If you are still interested in participating, please let us know which show(s) based on our new outline you’d like to volunteer for.

We know this is a different way to do recital and we thank you for trusting us to produce a top-quality performance!

Thank you!


Winter Recital 2020 Classes

Listed below are classes assigned to their specific show. Please note these are NOT in show order!

Friday, December 18th @ 5 PM

Voice Recital

Performers in our Voice class will perform their songs in this show.

Saturday, December 19th @ 9 AM

Show #1

Beginning Hip Hop & Int/Adv Hip Hop
Friends in Motion
Jazz 2/3
Ballet 3
Tap 3
Combo 1 Friday PM
Combo 2 Thursday PM
Lyrical 2

Saturday, December 19th @ 11 AM

Show #2

Ballet 2 Tuesday
(Solos, Trio, Duet with Tuesday Ballet 2 & 4/5) Ballet Production
Combo 1 Monday AM
TAP 2/3
Irish-Both Classes Combined
Jazz 2 Tuesday
Combo 2 Tuesday
Musical Theater 1

Saturday, December 19th @ 1 PM

Show #3

Combo 2 Wednesday PM
Ballet 2 Wednesday
Combo 1 Monday PM
Jazz 2 Wednesday
ALA Jazz
Combo 1 Thursday AM
Combo 2 Monday PM

Saturday, December 19th @ 3 PM

Show #4

Combo 1 Saturday Ellsworth
Adv. Contemporary
Musical Theater 3
Tap 4/5
Combo 2 Saturday Ellsworth
Mommy & Me
Jazz 3
Musical Theater 2

Saturday, December 19th @ 5 PM

Show #5

Jr. Elite
Sr. Elite
Combined Elits
Stupid Love
RMDC Company Solos/Duets/Trios


Important Dates for Winter Recital

Mark your calendars with these important dates and check back often to ensure you are completely prepared for your dancer's next recital!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Costume Fee Due

Check the costume board located in the waiting areas for your dancer's class costume & fee! We are unable to issue a refund for costumes that have been ordered, so please make sure your dancer can commit to recital before purchasing. Please make sure to pay for all your dancer's costumes by this date to ensure timely shipping! Stop by the studio to pay or let us know if you would like to run your card on file or pay via Venmo @RhythmAndMotion-DanceCenter

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Recital Fee Due

(Comes with 2 free recital tickets)

The $50 fee will stay the same even for Plan C as we still need to rent a stage, tents, chairs and various other equipment to hold the mini recitals. Recital fees are for each recital your dancer participates in. Stop by the studio to pay or let us know if you would like to run your card on file or pay via Venmo @RhythmAndMotion-DanceCenter

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Recital Participation Form Due

In an effort to streamline check-in, and keeping your dancers safety top of mind, we are creating a database that will allow you to check your dancer in and out digitally. This allows us to quickly look up your dancer to get them backstage quicker. We also can attach a picture of each dancer to their name for check in so volunteers and staff know who your dancer is!

In order for this to happen, we need your help! Below is a link to a very quick Google Form with information needed from you so we can begin organizing the database. Please take the time to fill out the form for each dancer participating in the winter recital. We appreciate it very much for your prompt submissions!


Monday, November 23, 2020

Recital Packets and Tickets Available

Dancers will be sent home with recital packets along with any volunteer or recital fee tickets. Please keep these in a safe place to ensure a seamless recital day for you and your dancer!

Week of December 14-17

Dress Rehearsal

As much as we are preparing for the recital in the classroom, dress rehearsal is an opportunity to introduce the dancers to the stage, spacing, the bright lights and dancing in their costumes before performing in front of an audience. 

  • Monday, December 14 @ 5PM - Show #1 - Bella Via Studio

  • Tuesday, December 15 @ 5PM - Show #2 - Bella Via Studio

  • Wednesday, December 16 @ 5PM  - Show #3 - Bella Via Studio

  • Thursday, December 17 @ 5PM - Show #4 - Bella Via Studio

Dress rehearsal will run in order of each mini show from start to finish with a bow/finale coordinated at that time as well. Classes at Bella Via that run during these dress rehearsal times are welcome to schedule a make-up class either prior to that week or when we resume classes again in January. 

Please have your dancer show up for their Dress Rehearsal time in their first costume ready to dance.  We will be sending more information regarding dress rehearsal soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Please refer to your recital packet for all important times and information.

Recital Day


Costume Information

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